Best MBA programmes in the UK

October, 2022

As one of the leading global destinations for MBAs, going to business school in the UK would be a wise choice - consider ten of its best institutions

Our list of the top UK business schools was comprised using the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Rankings 2022 and the QS Global MBA Rankings 2023…

10. University of Edinburgh Business School

Nine out of ten students of the course found employment within three months of graduating. The Edinburgh MBA focuses on business, strategy and leadership while developing your soft skills.

The business school offers international exchange opportunities in partnership with universities in Australia, Canada, China, Finland, France, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and the USA. This gives students the opportunity to study abroad for a year.

Completing your MBA will take 12 months if studied full-time, or 27 months part time, while the online MBA takes 33.

MBAs cost around £35,000 regardless of length, with the online programme around £5,000 cheaper.

Learn more about the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Global rankings: QS: 56th

9. Lancaster University Management School

According to the Financial Times, the Lancaster MBA is the best in the world for its corporate strategy teaching, and it ranks second in the world for value for money.

Lancaster believes its small classroom sizes and practical challenges give it an edge against competitors, and it claims to encourage development as a priority over examination.

Lasting 12 months, a full-time MBA costs £26,500, and £36,000 for international students. However, scholarships are available.

Learn more about Lancaster University Management School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 76th, QS: 121st

8. Durham University Business School

With an average of seven years' industry experience, MBA students at Durham are there to hone their craft. You will study your own core modules, including accounting and finance, leading and managing, and 'The Boardroom Exercise'. You then get to choose a specific pathway, with electives including consultancy, entrepreneurship and technology.

Upon finding employment post-MBA, Durham students saw an 80% wage increase when compared to their previous salary.

The full-time MBA takes one year, and costs £35,000 regardless of domestic or international residence.

Learn more about Durham University Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 95th, QS: 94th

7. City, University of London: Bayes Business School

Ranking first for free language courses available to students, Bayes' graduates also received a 76% increase in their salary upon achieving the MBA.

On the course you'll make invaluable international business links, all while becoming the model business leader.

Bayes offers a full-time MBA of 12 months at £48,000, but also an Executive MBA at £52,000 that involves two evenings of teaching a week, spanning 24 months. It also offers longer courses in Dubai.

Find out more about City, University of London: Bayes Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 69th, QS: 95th

6. Alliance Manchester Business School

The university reports a 94% salary increase three years after completing a full-time MBA, and it does this through practical learning and MBA courses tailored to your ambitions.

You have the choice to study in multiple locations other than just Manchester. Their Global MBAs have workshops in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. The Kelley-Manchester Global MBA also offers Washington as a study location.

The full-time MBA takes between 15 and 18 months to complete, costing £47,000. The Global MBA takes 18 to 24 months, and costs £31,000. There's also the Global Executive MBA for more experienced businesspeople, and you'll pay £35,394 ($40,500) for six months. The Kelley Manchester Global MBA is £56,532 ($65,000) for a two-year course.

Find out more about Alliance Manchester Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 43rd, QS: 47th

5. Warwick Business School

Warwick's business school has one of the highest qualified faculties worldwide and nine out of ten Warwick MBA graduates find employment within three months.

The fast-paced course provides as much coaching as you want. You'll get the opportunity to work overseas alongside some of the biggest companies in the industry.

The one-year full-time MBA is £49,950. The Distance Learning MBA takes two years to complete and costs between £35,000 and £43,000 depending on the campus location. The Executive MBA also takes two years and costs £49,900.

Find out more about Warwick Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 57th, QS: 35th

4. Imperial College Business School

Imperial's MBA is hugely popular with international students as they make up 96% of those taking the course.

The MBA includes an experience week, where you get the opportunity to work with scientists to bring new technologies to market and consult with tech start-ups.

The full-time MBA lasts for 12 months, and costs £61,500. Alongside that there's a Weekend MBA that takes 21 months to complete and costs £57,500, and an Executive MBA for more experienced candidates costing £69,000. Imperial also has a Global Online MBA that ranges between 21 and 32 months, at a cost of £45,700.

Find out more about Imperial College Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 34th, QS: 21st

3. University of Oxford: Saïd Business School

The Oxford MBA has almost perfect scores in employability outcomes and value for money according to the QS MBA rankings. Oxford is another university with a very high international student rate, and the vast majority of students can expect top career prospects upon graduation.

The Oxford MBA takes a year to complete and costs £71,540. They also have a unique 1+1 MBA that involves a year of Masters study in your chosen area, followed by a year-long MBA. In addition, there's an Executive MBA that takes 24 months to achieve when studied part time; costing £98,590.

Find out more about the University of Oxford: Saïd Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 31st, QS: 16th

2. University of Cambridge: Judge Business School

With some of the highest employment prospects of any business school, graduates of the Cambridge MBA achieve average salaries of almost £100,000. Half of them even switch country, function and industry after they graduate as a result of their degree.

Students work with real companies to undertake market analysis, consulting work, and a boardroom-style team project.

The course costs £64,000 for the year, and there are plenty of scholarships available.

Find out more about the University of Cambridge: Judge Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 22nd, QS: 12th

1. London Business School (LBS)

London Business School graduates tend to double their salary according to the Financial Times, with nine out of ten finding employment within three months.

You'll start year one of your course taking core subjects such as finance, marketing and strategy, then customise your programme in year two with niche subjects that include design led innovation and global economic analysis.

The MBA takes 15 to 21 months to complete, with a course fee of £97,500. Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships.

Find out more about London Business School.

Global rankings: Financial Times: 8th, QS: 5th

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