Whether you're looking to work in conservation or plan to take on a consultancy role, there are plenty of graduate environmental jobs to consider in this diverse sector

Agriculture jobs

Aside from farm management, there are many other employment options in the agriculture industry. For example, workers with agronomy skills (soil management and crop production) are in high demand - it's an area of work increasingly vital to modern agricultural practices. There is also an urgent need for people to enter fisheries management.

Explore the graduate opportunities in agriculture.

Environmental management jobs

If you have a strong idea about how we should be using our natural resources in the most sustainable way, put your passion into practice with a career in environmental management. By successfully combining scientific principles with policy, you'll seek to tackle the most pressing issues, such as sustainable development and climate change.

Find out more about working in flood risk management with Environment Agency careers.

Horticulture careers

Despite being one of the largest industries in the UK, a skills shortage exists in horticulture, landscape architecture and land-based engineering. As the Royal Horticulture Society points out, you'll find there are roles to suit your skills, qualifications and career aspirations.

Marine biology and ecology jobs

By studying the different aspects of sea life and the marine world, you'll be able to predict how both natural and human influences might impact upon the plants and animals sharing this environment.

Waste management roles

With social responsibility high on the national agenda, the disposal of business waste or hazardous materials needs to be carried out in compliance with current legislation. The recycling and reduction of waste is another growing area, with officers required to educate the local community, raising public awareness of these issues, while looking to maximise resources and reduce costs.

Water quality careers

Depending on your chosen field, you could be working on any number of water-based projects. Whether you're looking to repair, maintain or build structures to improve groundwater flow, provide clean water or prevent flood damage, you'll make good use of your specialist engineering or scientific knowledge.

Animal welfare jobs

For those with a love of animals and their wellbeing, you'll find a wide choice of career paths to follow. From looking after animals in rescue centres, zoos, wildlife parks and petting farms, to animal medical care roles such as a nurse or surgeon, discover which job would be your best fit.

Explore a range of careers working with animals.

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